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To initiate a search, enter the key word related to the product you are interested in or the listing number followed by “#?. If you do not enter this information, the entire site will show “No Search Result Found? message and is not recommended. Enter a type of product or listing number in the search box. It is not necessary to enter a type of product when entering a listing number.

Searches are not case sensitive, so you may use upper or lower case letters. Broader, single word search terms such as "earrings" or "pendants" will have a greater chance of returning results. You will be able to narrow down your results once you've reached the Search Results page through the available sorting options.

Search will not automatically correct misspelled words and/or eliminate unrecognizable words; however, we recommend that you double-check the spelling, in case Search could not interpret the misspelling.

Advance Search Option (Be Specific About Your Results)
To narrow down your results and to search some specific products; use the Advance Search option which is available next to search box. Advance Search Feature gives you various options to search the required products and allow you to be more specific about what you are searching for.

For example, if you search for rings you will be able to narrow down your results by a price range, starting price, listing type etc.

Viewing and Sorting Your Results
Your results are displayed on the Search Results page. If your results are more than one page long, use the page number links in the footer bar on the bottom right or click on the “Next? link.
Secure Shopping
When you make a purchase online from, the information about your transaction is protected by one of the most widely used and trusted security systems on the internet. has installed online industry's leading security 128bit SSL Certificate by Verisign which assures you of the utmost security protection on the web.

Secure Shopping

We have integrated with Paysignet's Online Payment Gateway to assure you of the safest means of online payment transactions on the internet today.

Secure Shopping

For further details about protecting the privacy of your transactions, see's Privacy Policy.
Free Gift Box and Packaging

All Jewellery items listed by arrive to you with a free jewellery box which makes our jewellery ready for gift giving, something anyone would love to open!

Our Certified Merchants provide their own Gift Box & Packaging options which are made available to you. We recommend you seek this information in their respective listings on

Thank you!.
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Our coupon policy is as follows: One coupon per customer. Coupons are not valid with any other offers, sale items and bridal / engagement rings. In The News
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